Shumla in the News

Shumla’s research and education is gaining local, national and international attention. Here are just a few of the news stories and articles that have been published about Shumla.

February 2017 — Texas Monthly
Full page image of the White Shaman mural and a short piece by Texas Country Reporter, Bob Phillips.

January 2017 — Glasstire Texas Visual Art Magazine
Feature Story: “Overwhelmed By Wonder: Carolyn Boyd and Lower Pecos Rock Art”
Author Gene Fowler delves into the history of research in the Lower Pecos culminating in Carolyn’s new book The White Shaman Mural: An Enduring Creation Narrative.

September 2016 — Texas Highways
Guess what is number SIX out of 42 items on the Texas Highways’ Texas Bucket List – “Behold the Rock Art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands.” Check it out and try to hit them all… Starting with #6 of course!

Summer 2016 — Preservation Magazine
Shumla’s preservation work at Amistad National Recreation Area’s Panther Cave site was featured on pages 30-31. Unfortunately, two images they used were not of Panther Cave (as stated in the captions), but it’s still a lovely article and image spread. Click the title above to view the article. Scroll down to “Amistad National Recreation Area.”

June 2016 — Texas HERITAGE Magazine
Shumla Executive Director, Jessica Lee’s, article about Shumla’s research on paint stratigraphy and the discovery that proved the White Shaman Mural was, in fact, a single composition begins on page 8. Only subscriber’s can see the article online, the PDF is available above. Visit to subscribe.

Winter 2016 — Del Rio Grande
Cover Story: “Rock Art’s Star — Dr. Carolyn Boyd Keeps Tab on Area’s History”
Carolyn Boyd was featured in the Del Rio New Herald’s first edition of Del Rio Grande Magazine. In the 6-page spread, author Karen Gleason captured the mystery and the discovery that drove Carolyn to move to this area and focus all her energy on the study and preservation of the rock art.

May 2015 — San Antonio KSAT News
KSAT News Anchor, Justin Horne, visited the Lower Pecos to explore the rock art and Shumla’s advanced technology. His 2-minute news segment gets right to the core of Shumla’s work and the rock art’s significance.

September 2014 — Texas Highways
Dr. Carolyn Boyd was named one of Texas Highway’s “Extraordinary Texans” for her tireless work preserving the ancient art of the Lower Pecos and educating students of all ages.

January 2014 — Western Digs
New technology is providing unexpected insights into some of the most distinctive rock art in the American West, archaeologists say. What’s more, new dating techniques suggest that a signature style of Lower Pecos rock art may have persisted thousands of years longer than had been thought.

May 2012 — Discover Magazine
Feature Story: “Secrets of the White Shaman”
In this beautiful piece, Author Will Hunt followed the path of discovery traveled by Carolyn Boyd to discern patterns in the Lower Pecos rock art and determine how to decipher their meaning. It is amazing to see how far the interpretative work has come in just 5 years. In 2012, Carolyn had not yet discovered the connections she would soon uncover in the Aztec codices.

March 2012 — Texas Highways
Cover Story: “Panther Cave: Rock Art in Danger.”
This feature story about the documentation and preservation of Panther Cave mural included 8 full pages on the collaborative project between Shumla, the National Park and Texas Parks and Wildlife to document and laser-scan the entire over 180 ft. long mural.

Winter 2016 Del Rio Grande Magazine featuring Dr. Carolyn Boyd

The Winter 2016 cover of Del Rio Grande Magazine featuring Dr. Carolyn Boyd. Click on the image to read the entire article.

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