Connecting to Our Shared Past

Public outreach to learners of all ages is an important part of Shumla’s work. The cultural resources of the Lower Pecos are at risk from a host of dangers including vandalism, flooding and weathering.

With rock art at many sites deteriorating at an alarming rate, there has never been a greater need to engage the public in its study and preservation through increased awareness and education at all levels.

Shumla hike

Shumla educates in many ways:

  • Shumla Scholars — Our high school STEM program in partnership with Comstock ISD gives students experience with very high-tech scientific instruments and methods, as well as, offering lessons in deductive reasoning, project management, and teamwork.
  • Lunch & Learn – Our free Lunch & Learn virtual events share Shumla’s latest research, programs, and projects. Click here to read more about upcoming Lunch & Learn presentations for each month and register.
  • Shumla Treks – Our day-long Treks promote engagement and public education in support of our mission to preserve the ancient rock art of the Lower Pecos. We share our latest research and show you how modern science is helping us to understand the complex worldview and fantastically rich culture of the people who created these masterworks. Click here to learn more.
  • College Internships — Our multidisciplinary internship program for college students studying archaeology, anthropology, studio art, art history, chemistry and other disciplines.
  • Community Outreach and Stewardship — Our efforts to educate those in our community about the treasures that rest in their backyard and how to protect them.
  • Scientific Presentations and Publications — Our presentations at scientific conferences and publications in scientific journals ensure that our methods and findings are available for peer review and continual improvement.
  • Public Presentations — Our presentations at avocational archaeological societies, museums and other public venues allow us to share our amazing discoveries and the complex beauty of the art with public.

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