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Projects & Methods

Iconographic & Interpretive Analyses

Chemical Analyses—Lower Pecos

Implications of rock art dating from the Lower Pecos Canyonlands, TX: A review

2021 | Quaternary Geochronology 63: article 101167
Authors: Karen L. Steelman, Carolyn E. Boyd, Lennon N. Bates
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Two independent methods for dating rock art: Age determination of paint and oxalate layers at Eagle Cave, TX

2021 | Journal of Archaeological Science 126: article 105315
Authors: Karen L. Steelman, Carolyn E. Boyd, Trinidy Allen
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Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Red Linear Style Figures at 41VV1000

2019 | Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society 90: 19-34.
Authors: Amanda M. Castañeda, Charles W. Koenig, Jerod L. Roberts, Victoria L. Roberts, Jay D. Franklin, Carolyn E. Boyd, Karen L. Steelman

A Black Deer at Black Cave: New Pictograph Radiocarbon Date for the Lower Pecos, Texas

2015 | Journal of Texas Archeology and History 2: 45-57.
Authors: Lennon N. Bates, Amanda M. Castañeda, Carolyn E. Boyd, and Karen L. Steelman

Portable X‐Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Pictographs: A Case Study From the Lower Pecos Canyonlands, Texas

2014 | Archaeometry 56: 168-186.
Authors: C. W. Koenig, A. M. Castañeda, C. E. Boyd, M. W. Rowe, K. L. Steelman

Lower Pecos and Coahuila peyote: new radiocarbon dates

2006 | Journal of Archaeological Science 33: 1017-1021.
Authors: Martin Terry, Karen L. Steelman, Thomas P. Guilderson, J. Philip Dering, Marvin W. Rowe

Non-destructive radiocarbon dating: Naturally mummified infant bundle from SW Texas

2004 | American Antiquity 69: 741-750.
Authors: K. L. Steelman, M. W. Rowe, S. A. Turpin, T. Guilderson, L. Nightengale
Note: This publication includes images of human remains.

Chemical Analyses—Worldwide

Serpentine Bends Site #1: Radiocarbon Dating Prehistoric Soot and Associated Pictographs

2021 | Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 37: article 102925
Authors: Marvin W. Rowe, Lawrence L. Loendorf, Myles R. Miller, Karen L. Steelman
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Cova Eirós: An Integrated Approach to Dating the Earliest Known Cave Art in NW Iberia

2017 | Radiocarbon 59: 151-164.
Authors: Karen L Steelman, Arturo de Lombera-Hermida, Ramón Viñas-Vallverdú, Xosé Pedro Rodríguez-Álvarez, Fernando Carrera-Ramírez, Albert Rubio-Mora, Ramon Fábregas-Valcarce

Strategies for 14C Dating the Oxtotitlán Cave Paintings, Guerrero, Mexico

2017 | Advances in Archaeological Practice 5: 170-183.
Authors: Jon Russ, Mary D. Pohl, Christopher L. von Nagy, Karen L. Steelman, Heather Hurst, Leonard Ashby, Paul Schmidt, Eliseo F. Padilla Gutiérrez, and Marvin W. Rowe

Radiocarbon Dates for Rock Paintings in Ignatievskaya Cave, Russia, Holocene Age for Supposed Pleistocene Fauna

2002 | Antiquity 76: 341-348.
Authors: Karen L. Steelman, Marvin W. Rowe, Victor N. Shirokov, John R. Southson

Stable Isotope and Radiocarbon Analyses of a Black Deposit Associated With Pictographs at Little Lost River Cave, Idaho

2002 | Journal of Archaeological Science 29: 1189-1198.
Authors: Karen L. Steelman, Marvin W. Rowe, Thomas W. Boutton , John R. Southon, Carolynne L. Merrell, and Richard D. Hill

Radiocarbon Age Determination of a Rock Painting at Arnold/Tainter Cave, Wisconsin

2001 | Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 26: 121-131.
Author: Karen L. Steelman, Marvin W. Rowe, Robert F. Boszhardt, John R. Southon

Feasibility of Radiocarbon Dating of Pictographs from Piaui, Brazil

2000 | SBPN Scientific Journal 4: 90-97
Authors: Karen L. Steelman, Elise Waltman, Marvin W. Rowe

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