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Shumla Scholars

Imagine having a chance to participate in an on-going scientific investigation that sets the international standard for the documentation and preservation of one of the greatest cultural treasures in north America.

What do you think you could learn, and how might the experience change your life, especially if you were a high school student thinking about your future?

Our Shumla Scholars program with Comstock ISD builds partnerships between students and Shumla researchers. Students explore and learn about one of the most fascinating landscapes in the world while helping Shumla’s archaeologists to reconstruct information about the lives of the people who lived and painted the murals in the Lower Pecos. The Scholars have the opportunity to use advanced research technologies and scientific methods including portable x-ray fluorescence, digital microscopy, GIS mapping, high-tech imaging, drone photography and 3-D modeling software. They learn academic and professional discipline, project management and teamwork as they work together toward the goals set each year for the new batch of Shumla Scholars.

The Shumla Scholars program is even more than an excellent STEM experience, the program helps Comstock students to connect with the wonder that is around them in their home on the border. It educates them about the importance of understanding and protecting cultural heritage. And builds a sense of pride in this amazing place, that can seem very remote and barren. 

For its archaeological research program with Shumla, Comstock ISD has been honored as a District of Distinction, a national recognition for districts that have developed exemplary programs and successful initiatives to support students.

Shumla Scholars working with staff archaeologist

College Internships

Shumla takes an active role in training the next generation of rock art researchers, scientists and STEM professionals. Our scope is the study of rock art, but the skills our interns learn can be applied broadly to many academic disciplines and professional careers (archaeology, art, chemistry, photography, GIS mapping, engineering, IT and more).

Shumla offers internship positions for highly-motivated students looking to challenge themselves mentally, physically, and professionally. Interns work directly with the research team not just learning the Shumla method for rock art site documentation but also actively participating in developing and improving field and lab procedures, and problem-solving. Interns gain experience with the use of advanced technologies and are given a great deal of responsibility for reaching goals and producing successful outcomes.

To learn about our internship program, please visit Interning with Shumla.

Interns with archaeologist

What Happened to Shumla’s Discovery Learning Programs?

We no longer offer multi-day and single-day programs for elementary schools and high schools. Though education is a very important part of Shumla’s mission, we have had to focus our staff’s energy on preservation of our highly endangered resource. We are the only one’s equipped to document the art that, if not captured before it is lost, will be lost to all people, forever. The art and information we are preserving will be in school books and museums of the future. So, we think of this as “deferred” education. Focusing on preservation now so that all may benefit from the knowledge available in these ancient “books.”

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