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Welcome to the Shumla Blog Page! Here we will share our ongoing research with you, our friends, colleagues, and collaborators around the world. This blog will not only feature our ongoing work as part of the Alexandria Project, but also give insights into some of the broader research questions Shumla is exploring. Happy reading!

10 Days in Fate Bell Shelter

By Jerod Roberts and Vicky Roberts We knew from the beginning of The Alexandria Project that documenting Fate Bell Shelter was going to be a monumental task. A typical rock art site may take us only a few hours to complete our baseline level of documentation, while a...

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To Iconography… And Beyond!

By Amanda Castañeda and Charles Koenig This blog post focuses on a key aspect of Shumla's documentation methods and the Alexandria Project: iconography. Iconography includes the documentation, study, and interpretation of images and symbols. Archaeologists working...

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High-Resolution Rock Art Documentation and Digital Preservation

As detailed in the last blog post, during the Alexandria Project we are collecting quite a bit of different data, and these data are helping us address our project goals and research questions. One of the primary goals of the Alexandria Project is to preserve the Lower Pecos rock art sites for future generations because many of the pictographs are deteriorating due to age (up to 4,000 years old) and natural weathering.

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Welcome to the Shumla Blog!

Welcome to the first post of the new Shumla Blog! We started this blog to be able to share our ongoing research with our friends, colleagues, and collaborators around the world. All of us at Shumla are very excited for the ability to share our progress from our newest research program, the Alexandria Project.

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