Alexandria Project Donor Recognition

Thank You Alexandria Project Pledge Donors!

Your pledge to support Shumla for all four years of the Alexandria Project gives us the secure financial foundation we need to succeed. With your support, we will work to digitally image and catalog the library of Lower Pecos rock art by the end of year 2020.
In 2017, we launched a pledge campaign to help us build the strong financial foundation to image and catalog the rock art of the Lower Pecos through the Alexandria Project! We asked our supporters to pledge to give each year of the Alexandria Project (2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020). Below are the names of our amazing supporters who stepped up to answer this call. Thank you!
It’s not too late to donate to the Alexandria Project. If you’re inspired to join us, please give today. If you’d like to make a pledge gift for the next two years, we would be happy to include you in our quarterly progress reports, sent to Alexandria Project Pledge Donors only.

Alexandria Project CHAMPIONS

Carol & Kevin March

Alexandria Project SPONSORS

  • Anonymous
  • Arthur Johnson
  • Elizabeth & Robert Lende
  • Pansy & Rob Price
  • Judy Van Cleve & David Gage
  • Kay & Tim Watt
  • Emil Zuberbueler & Russ Elder
  • Susan & Robert Carringer

Alexandria Project SUSTAINERS

  • Jim Adovasio
  • Barbara & Wayne Alexander
  • Margaret Berrier
  • Evelyn Billo & Bob Mark
  • Barbara Bouton
  • Jan Canamore
  • Kim Canseco
  • Diane Coleman
  • Julie & Claude Connelly
  • Linda & John Coyne
  • Dub Crook
  • Rene & Tony Donaldson
  • Marietta Tretter
  • Lacy Finley
  • Jenny & Clayton Finney
  • Mary Flanagan & Michael Lichtenstein
  • Julie & Peter Francis
  • Kristy & Raymond Faus
  • Maverick Fisher
  • Candy & David Graf
  • Sandi & John Holzgraefe
  • Beth & Michael Jansen
  • Estrella & David Kemp
  • Nancy Kenmotsu
  • Carol & Ken Law
  • Chester Leeds
  • Jackie Davis
  • Anne & Dan Leonard
  • Sandy McAfee
  • Terri & Don Oliver
  • Vicki & Jimmy Perkins
  • Kim & David Pipes
  • Annica & Frank Poyas
  • Madeline Reichert & Bob Zachary
  • Mary & Rick Rylander
  • Henny & Sandy Sands
  • Doris & Bob Sherrick
  • Nina & Jim Sievers
  • Julie & Carter Stack
  • Alice & Billy Bob Strunk

Alexandria Project SUPPORTERS

  • Carolyn & Brent Becker
  • Mary & Steve Black
  • Leslie Bush
  • Margaret Conkey
  • Bill Cox
  • Patrick Cox
  • Joanna & Olca Cetinkaya
  • Kristin & David Ellis
  • Alan Francisco
  • Trey Gerfers
  • Edd Goodson
  • Molly & John Guzzino
  • Bart Hamlin, Sr.
  • Missy & Jack Harrington
  • Jane Hibdon & Jack McDonald
  • Anne Hoekstra
  • James Keyser
  • Kay Killen
  • Laura & Weir Labatt
  • Llano Uplift Archeological Society
  • Janet Manley
  • Francisco Marcos-Marin
  • Bob Maslowski
  • Susan Morehead
  • Jane Newth
  • Jonella & George Pride
  • Robert Rivard & Monika Maekle
  • Robert “Skipper” Scott
  • Gail & Carl Simmons
  • Peggy Skiles
  • Katherine & Chris Snow
  • Kraig Stemme
  • Cindy & Don Weast
  • Suzanne Whatley & Jackie Gilbert
  • Suzanne & Jim Wukasch

Your Donation Opens the Door to Great Benefits!

  • All Donors: Project Updates from the Research Director – You will receive four emails per year sharing the progress of the Alexandria Project directly from the Research Director and Research Team, complete with images and exciting discoveries – only for pledge donors.
  • Champion, Sponsor and Sustainer: Mid-Project Donor Appreciation Event – You will be invited to Shumla in October 2018 to visit our headquarters, see the stunning landscape, hike to ancient rock art sites, dine at our gorgeous campus and hear about the first two years of the project.
  • Champion and Sponsor: Mid-Project Sponsor and Champion Reception – You will be invited to an exclusive recognition reception with the Shumla Board and Leadership Team at the October 2018 Mid-Project event.
  • Champion, Sponsor and Sustainer: End-of-Project Donor Appreciation Event – You will be invited to come back to Comstock in October 2020 and experience more exciting programming, visit different sites and learn about the final results of the Alexandria Project.
  • Champion and Sponsor: End-of-Project Sponsor and Champion Reception – You will be invited to an exclusive recognition reception with the Shumla Board and Leadership Team at the October 2020 End-of-Project event.
  • Champion Only: Private Tour and Alexandria Project “Ride-Along” – You may schedule at your convenience a private tour of a rock art site led by a Shumla archaeologist and a ride-along with the Research team on a “day-in-the-life” of the Alexandria Project.
  • Champion, Sponsor and Sustainer: Discount on fee-based programs – Shumla sometimes runs fee-based tours and camping programs to sites like Dolan Falls. Champions receive free admission. Sponsors receive a 50% discount, Sustainers receive a 25% discount and Supporters receive a 10% discount.