Alexandria Project Donor Reports

Thanks to your support we’ve made great strides in our efforts to preserve the rock art of the Lower Pecos through the Alexandria Project. Archived below are all of our pledge donor progress reports dating back to when we first launched this ambitious project in 2017.


  • Fourth Quarter Report – Four years has absolutely flown and so much has been accomplished. Check out our final Alexandria Project progress report. 
  • Third Quarter Report – As Shumla rock art researchers, we don’t have to dig trenches or sift dirt. Better yet, we don’t have to destroy a site in order to save and study it.
  • Second Quarter Report – Masks on! 189 sites preserved, only 36 left to go.
  • First Quarter Report – It took 5 full days to complete the field work in Parida Cave. It will take another 5+ days to complete the lab work. Check out this beautiful panel!


  • Fourth Quarter Report – As the team prepares to document what would be site 158 for the Alexandria Project they were not sure what to expect – boy were they surprised!
  • Third Quarter Report – Time for a project update as we discuss what we’ve accomplished thus far and what we are going to accomplish before it’s all said and done.
  • Second Quarter Report – A look at rock art sites we documented which contain Historic-age (post AD 1520) imagery.
  • First Quarter Report – The Shumla research team dives into Red Linear Style, one of our primary Alexandria Project research questions.


  • Fourth Quarter Report – Charles explains some of the amazing things the team is discovering at Fate Bell Shelter.
  • Third Quarter Report – The Shumla research team wraps up the first year of the Alexandria Project field work.
  • Second Quarter Report – Charles shares our observations on one of the most fascinating recurring motifs we are finding – anthropomorphs painted with antler headdresses.
  • First Quarter Report – Amanda describes Shumla’s Iconographic Inventory.


Lower Pecos River valley panorama